Workers Tanz, the German Tanz

Oblivion Sound Wave is an underground music promoting event that give passionate dark ambient, harsh voices, metal riffs and powerful beats lovers the occasion to enjoy and dance to bands from the Goth/ Darkwave / Industrial Scene. We welcome you to express yourselves through clothes, moves and other talents at our event, partnerships with handmade creators, online shops and artists are an honor, every single time.

Let the beats fall hard and work go to hell. We gather on the 2nd of May to celebrate all you hard working metalheads and electroheads in a themed event to German industrial music mixed by our faithful DJ’s Morph and MndFk with Guitar riffs, Hard Beats, Speedy rhythms and Perverted Tunes, will make us all Dance The Revolution once more.

Free entrance, wardrobe, cheap drinks, awesome sound system and more.

“But wait, I have a song, just perfect for this event!”
– Post your song on our Facebook event, get 5 likes and we will include it in our setlist.


An awesome experience between friends last night.

It’s a real pleasure for me to see both old and new faces that enjoy themselves and build this underground community.
Be it by presence, dancing or collaborations, you make us love what we do and want to continue. I’m sure Octav (Dj Morph) feels the same and in tribute to old events we went crazy with oldschool goth tunes to fresh ebm industrial releases.

I can’t wait for the next one! grin emoticon

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This is Oblivion and we welcome you!